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About Us

There is a deficiency of Urban Ministry training opportunities within Canada. Most Canadian Urban practitioners depend on American literature/training methods to serve as a framework for pastors and missional communities alike. However, Canadian Urban ministry realities are distinctly unique from American Urban contexts. Canadian cities are structured differently as poorer communities are mixed in with upper class residential units. Toronto especially has a unique characteristic of being the most culturally diverse city in the world with 51% of residents being born outside of Canada. This particular distinction is unique in North American Urban context as the US cities have intense racial tensions in Urban centres manifesting in systemic issues centred around race that is not as prevalent in the Toronto Urban landscape.


Most evangelical churches’ historical roots began in the city. Through the years, Evangelical church communities have slowly moved out of the downtown core which has unfortunately diminished the presence of Evangelical leadership and presence in the city core.


Our Goals are...

• To offer urban ministry training contextually appropriate for the Canadian Urban context.

• Recalibrate Canadian Urban Ministry frameworks to distinctly differentiate from American urban contexts.

• Celebrate urban ministry champions, practitioners and ministries.

• Create an environment where leaders network and collaborate together to discuss meaningful missional opportunities to reach unchurched people groups.

• Intentionally target younger leaders interested in Urban Ministry to learn from current practitioners and be inspired to be future Urban leaders.

• Be an interdenominational/multi-ministry, intergenerational, intercultural & incarnational Urban Ministry expression.

Meet The Team

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